Drills Teach Skills | Modernising silat while holding to core and traditional techniques and principles

Silat is known for many things - effective fighting skills, training hard and fearsome training sessions... I am looking to develop my Silat along a different path- a route to making Silat more generally acceptable and more accessible.
There is a need, I feel, to bring Silat into the current century with some of the training methods, and learning to train smarter as well as hard. There is no point, after all, in learning to defend yourself and then not being able to do it because you are broken from or by training. We aim to work hard, and hit pads fast and holding off on power.. somewhat Mayweather style padwork on which I have modelled this section of our training. After all it did for Ricky Hatton, it had proven itself. our Silat training has developed along similar lines to be able to deliver the skills against a reactive opponent, without either party getting injured.

To that end we developed some focus mitt drills that allow us to train our core techniques, and still maintain the aggressive manner of the art, while training safely, and now with kids as well.

In this article I am going to show you some of the core syllabus techniques we have converted into pad drills to enable us to train faster harder and safer.

We have pad drills to allow us to flow smoothly from one technique to another filling in gaps striking at will and on angles that make it very difficult to defend, but more importantly, with the movement we want to create in Pukulan Langkah Mati, the concept of "killing steps" is to make it more difficult for us to BE hit. 

In both sequences below, the aim is to angle away from the attacks, and keep the head and body moving in unpredictable lines making our opponent miss and be one or more steps behind us.

Modern Silat Pad Drill

Step 1: Deliver a right cross to the right pad
Step 2: Step right and punch into the left hip, slipping outside the left straight punch. You can deliver this straight as shown or turned and dropped in.

Step 3: Whip the left hand up into the pad or back of the arm

Step 4: Switch back and throw the right cross to the face.

Traditional Silat Drill

Step 1: Move outside the right cross. punch into the body

Step 2: Pivot right, stepping right moving outside his left straight punch

Step 3: Pivot back whipping up a left hand strike to the triceps, and controlling the shoulder to prevent him turning back to you.

Step 4: Pull on his arm in the direction of his punch, 
and left leg front kick into the body.

Step 5: Pull your left heel back onto the inside of his left knee folding it. 

Step 6: Step back across him, dropping your weight on his elbow, and your elbow onto his head.

Step 7: Support his wrist on your thigh, leaning down on his elbow to control or destroy.

About the Author:

Guru Glenn Lobo is the Chief instructor for the British Silat Association and Pukulan Langkah Mati. He was the first Westerner to travel to Malaysia to learn Silat and was awarded the highest grade in Silat Lincah, his main style, from the now retired Prime Minister of Malaysia

He is the Wakil of the last major Maha Guru in Malaysia, and Chief Instructor for Europe for Silat Lincah. Guru Glenn was also an instructor of Silat Harimau, and Pancasila Gayong Harimau, and is also an instructor of Lightning Scientific Arnis, under Master Shaun Porter, and certified by the GM Mang Ben Luna Lema.  

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