It’s a Cut Throat World | Blades, Jackets and Bouncing

It’s a Cut Throat World | Blades, Jackets and Bouncing

In this post I'm going to be discussing the dangers that come with being a Nightclub bouncer or "Doorman",

I’ll start with a story from an association in the blade community, Rex.

“A leather jacket can make a huge difference in a slash stab fight (if it’s the right leather jacket). I know one kid who got jumped by a crack friend with a three-inch blade. He had eighteen 1-inch wide punctures all over his ribcage.  It took two stitches to close each one.  He was wearing a ‘piece-of-crap’ leather jacket.  
Another cat [guy] I know, got attacked by a homeless kid.  He was very tall and held him off at arm’s length as he threw 20-30 shots at him, cutting his face a few times, but his leather jacket protected him.   This kid was wearing a good leather jacket, and he was tall.  The story go on…three punks were walking around "stomping" under the bride in Portland, Oregon - Burnside Bridge - and there was a verbal exchange between the punks and the homeless kids and he said the kid came at him and he just grabbed his chest, right under the jaw, at the collar line. And the kid couldn’t swing hard enough to get though the jacket.  He got tipped in the face a few times with the knife, but they were nicks...tip stabs. 1/8 inch penetrating...then he slammed him on the ground when he got the knife hand under control.  So, the inside of the arm is a great target.   Right above the elbow on the inside, but the whole inside of the arm was pink.  When it happened, he told me that the cops have it on tape, they watched it - so it’s on record somewhere in Portland, Oregon.  

It turns out, my lady’s dad is a big student of blade arts, and has taken many trips to South America and the Philippines - and actually participated in some group scale blade altercations.  Good ’ol Stan…I bet he s got some stories too.  I’ve experience with leather, treated with beeswax, and it’s crazy hard and resistant to slash and stab, you’d have to have body momentum with a spear to effectively get penetration.  I know of these beeswax method, but there is a also a link for weather cured, which I have no knowledge of.  If you can make a mold of your arm, or whatever you want to make armor for, or even approximate it - then make the leather in that mold, coating it with melted beeswax.  It gets hard fast- but it moves a bit, especially when you are working in it - with body heat, it becomes skin-like.  You could do a large thick piece for a breastplate, and make hardened leather panels for it, anyone could make this, well, I could. 

You can make a forearm guard, almost completely concealable, then heat and the wax hardens into formfitting shape.    Its only limit is imagination.    Chain mesh is another good stab stopper but a ‘piece of pooh’ for all other applications, other than knife fighting.  Leather armor would give you a second chase against many blades or blunt objects.  On this topic, some speak of lamellae, which refers to a process of armor making that layers strips or scales, shapes, over a load-bearing frame, examples samurai armor laminated wood, Roman Legionare armor, lorica segmentata, and other layered steel.  Laminated wood is good too, they use a process of using thin strips and then alternating the grain, which makes it really hard to penetrate - unless you’re hit right where the whole mess is sewn together.” – Rex Irae

nightclub doorman

After Rex had relayed this information to me, my friend, Shark, called me up to tell me about his bouncer friend at a local pool hall bar in Redondo Beach, California.  The bouncer, who was a great guy, was shot to death outside the club.  When I did bouncing years ago, I often wore a thick jacket for protection, along with my side arm (9 mm or 45 cal pistol), and knife. The perfect tie-in to the above article by Rex goes along with awareness and the job of a bouncer. I wanted to add additional information specific for nightclub bouncers.

Nightclub bouncing can be rewarding and fun, but it also can be dangerous.  Mix drinks and testosterone in a room full of youth...and trouble is only a step away.  The most experienced bouncers prepare for worse-case-scenarios before they happen.  Knife attacks are the most common attacks in nightclubs and prisons.   If you have spent any time as a bouncer, you have already seen a number of fights already.  Were you prepared when things ‘went down?’ You must take control of the situation immediately and have a confidence in your ability to defuse the situation.  

When things get out of control and multiple people are involved, act quickly and get assistance. Have a plan in place to partner up with your co-workers and have a designated person phone police and/or medics when needed.  A good bouncer can defuse most situations by verbal command only.  Take seminars and read books on the psychology of communication.  This is not a skill for the timid.  Lastly, be physically ready.  A good bouncer is physically fit and trained in the both defensive and offensive forms of martial arts.  All of the experienced bouncers I know hold black belts and workout daily.  This type of psychic will sway most aggressors.  Make sure you know your Standard Operating Procedures for the company you work for and know your federal, state, and local laws pertaining to your boundaries.  A club bouncer needs more than a gym body...skill comes with experience and training.  Be prepared and always be on guard.  Your job and health are on the line.  

About the Author:

Snake Blocker is a full tribal member of the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas. He is owner of Blocker Agency, Snake Blocker Survival, Blocker Academy of Martial Arts and Executive World Fitness Association. Snake Blocker holds multiple black belts and instructor certifications and ranks in several martial arts.

Snake has his own line of knives with TOPS Knives, Keen Edge Knives, and Sharper Edge Now Knives. He also has signature lines of survival products by Security Disaster Shelters and Survival Metric. As an Apache historian, Snake teaches around the world on Apache Knife Fighting and Battle Tactics. Snake is a 1st Class Petty Officer in the US Navy Reserves (Fleet Logistic Center Pearl Harbor) and teaches Military Close Quarters Combat (MCQC). 

Snake Blocker has been featured several hit tv series, including Deadliest Warrior (Apaches versus Gladiators episode) and several National Geographic programs

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