Martial Arts and Combat Exhibition | Updates February 2015

The Martial Arts and Combat Exhibition has just passed 3 months of existence and its gone from strength to strength. The Website was successfully launched on Sunday February 8th and received positive feedback. There is still much to do the site but are now taking adverts for both the programme and the online section of MACE. Please email for adverts as we will be putting them up in first come first served order! Prices vary and will be available on request.

MACE is currently looking for a second event sponsor (joint with Combat Network Magazine) so if you are interested in this please get in contact with the same email address as above.

As an entity MACE was proud to announce also this month that Kelina Cowell (Apolaki Krav Maga and Dirty Boxing and founder and editor of Combat Network Magazine) became the 7th and final member of the MACE2015 committee team. Kelina has brought in a wealth of contacts, knowledge and a very good perspective on the event which makes things smoother and bolsters the previous 6 member panel.

A full list of Instructors that will be conducting workshops at the event: (In alphabetical order, not in order of appearance)

Saturday 20th June:

Clint Badlam- Krav Maga
Martyn Bliss & Ben Lee- Pramek
Graham Butcher- Stav
Andy Cleeves/Gio Marchese- Epic Martial Arts Kickboxing
Kelina Cowell- Apolaki Dirty Boxing
Andy Crowe- Aiki-Jo
Lucci Del-Gaudio- Street Combatives
Anthony Dugmore- Ronin Freestyle
Phil Earley- Kettlebells and Primal Movement
Frank Etherson- ROSS
Neil Grove- MMA/ muay thai/Nutrition presentation
Kevin O Hagan- Combat Jutsu
Marcie Harding- Dacayana Eskrima
Georgina Hilton- ‘Dragon’ Tang Soo Do
Adam Lindop- Sambo/ Russian All-Round Fighting
Glenn Lobo- Silat
Emil Martirossian- Urban Jeet Kune Do
Chico Mendes- Brazilian Jiu Jutsu
Jerzy Miklaszewski- Sabre HEMA
Eddie Quinn- The Approach
Ade Rhodes- Wing Chun
Matt Roberts- Total Combat
Meenul Shamim Haque- Kalis Illustrisimo
Silvio Simac- The ‘S-Factor’ Workshop
Neil Young- Wing Chun

Sunday 21st June:

Chris Allan- Combat Evolved- academy of self defence
Angelo Baldissone- Abankio Tres Puntas
Guy Bloom- Attack Kinetic Fighting System
John Burke- Kata Bunkai Karate
Scott Calwell- Urban Krav Maga and REAL combat
Carl Cooper- Toxic Fighting System
Sean Enright- Intense Defence
Ken Garriques- Krav Maga (Worldwide)
Dan Holloway/Lee Mitchell- Empower Self Defence
Russell Jarmesty- Self Defence Simplicity
Darren Langston- Kickboxing/ Krav Kickboxing
Bernard Leddy- Irish Stick Fighting
Lakhvinder Madahar- Kali
Duncan McEvoy- HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts)
Anthony Pillage- Forbidden Pressure Points
Trevor Roberts-Judo
Jay Savery- Aikido
Edmund Sistas- Tae Kwon Do/stretching/Performance
Aaron Stevens- Ju Jutsu
Stefan Thompson- Raw Combat International
Mick Tully- Jeet Kune Do
Carl Wood- Wing chun
Andy Yeomans- Shaolin chuan Kung Fu

Sports Professionals:

Ross Arscott- Sports and Remedial Massage
Vladimir Black- Nutritionist and Personal Trainer
Alex Pearce- Personal Trainer
Mathias Rodrigues- Hypnotherapist
Wijnand Wormhoudt- Personal Trainer and ‘ Whazza’ (More to come on this)

More exciting news this month as well as we appeared in the online press blog ‘The Examiner’ which has a multi-million built in audience across the world. We featured on the 9th February in the martial arts section of the site. This coincided with the website release and we have also sent off some MACE2015 official T-Shirts to the Edmund Sistas who at the time of writing this, promised us a video but the contents of that is a surprise to even ourselves.

We have started full arrangements with the facility and have also started to plan and write the Event Programme that will be buyable at the event itself! Further interviews and video interviews are planned and those that have taken place are going through the editing stage but progress is slow at the moment due to other MACE commitments like the website.

The timetable for the event will be released closer to the event, along with merchandise and special viewing tickets to certain parts of the event. The University of West England has confirmed with us that car parking will take place outside the exhibition centre which is a short walk from the Giant Sports Hall which will host our event!

If you or know of anyone who can offer any voluntary service, equipment or help to the event in any way then please get in contact with a member of the MACE committee (Chris Allan, Lewis Barnes, Kelina Cowell, Dan Holloway, Ben Lee, Matt Roberts or Paul Wilde) Remember this is all to raise money for charity, this year is for the new personal safety charity Just Give It A Thought.

On the subject of Just Give It A Thought, we are very pleased to announce progress on their front, with the receipt of their charity number (which is 1160385) it now means that they can launch their campaign to raise personal safety awareness in schools, universities and on the nightlife scene. This will start with the schools project which is where charity founder Paul Wilde has pledged the money to go once the donation from MACE has been made. They are also in the very early stages of developing a mobile phone app to help inform people on personal safety.

In a brief Interview Paul was asked the following question:

‘Can you give the MACE audience an update on the charity’s progress now that you have the number back from the charity commission. Also can you explain just so we are all clear where the donated MACE funds will be spent? Finally, there are rumours of a mobile phone app in development can you expand on that?’

Paul’s response was as follows:

‘We have just received confirmation of our charity number so the next few months will be spent fundraising, training volunteers and preparing for our school and university project launches in September. The planned allocation of the funds raised at MACE is to contribute to the funding of our Schools project. The APP is in very early development stages and requires a great deal of funding to develop fully, however it is a very exciting project and will allow us to provide a really beneficial service to our audience and will help us a great deal in promoting personal safety. It is something we are very excited about and we are eager to show it to our supporters. We are looking forward to providing many of the features of paid personal safety apps for free and approaching the subject in a way that makes it integrate into your day to day lifestyle’

Tickets are now on sale at!

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