Bruce Lee teams up with Real Life Foe Wong Jack Man in New Movie

Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen Rivele, whose credits include "Nixon" and "Ali," have been hired to write the script.

QED International and Groundswell Productions are aiming to tell a Bruce Lee origin story with their new movie titled Birth of the DragonChristopher Wilkinson and Stephen Rivele are writing the script.

Birth of the Dragon, according to QED and Groundswell, is inspired by the true-life fight that happened between Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man, who was China’s most famous Kung Fu Master a the time. The no-rules fight took place in San Francisco in 1965, when the city’s Chinatown was controlled by Hong Kong triads.

The writers are using this true event as a starting point for a wider-canvas action movie in which Wong Jack Man and Bruce Lee team up to battle a band of Chinatown gangsters.
QED CEO Bill Block and Groundswell’s Michael London will produce the project along with Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen Rivele. Groundswell’s Kelly Mullen will executive producer.
"Stephen Rivele and Chris Wilkinson have taken a little-known chapter in the life of Bruce Lee and used it as a jumping-off point for a bold, exciting story about the making of an international legend,” said Michael London in a statement.
Wilkinson and Rivele are best known for their biopic work. The duo’s credits include Nixon, the 1995 drama directed by Oliver Stone that netted them an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay, and 2001's Ali, directed by Michael Mann. They also wrote Mercury, the story of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, which is set up at GK Films with Sacha Baron Cohen to star.

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  1. Hmm Wong Jack Man was not China's most famous Kung Fu master at the time, in fact his name was never heard in China at the time, maybe he was the most famous in USA but that is about it.

    And I really wonder if they going for the real event, because Bruce Lee did not win that fight like he claimed in front of people, its not really a good history to reopen for any of his fans.