How to Fix Knee Pain | Knee Pain from Martial Arts Training

General Knee pain is not caused by age, genetics, nor condition.  The misaligned position of joints above and below the knee creates the stress and pain.   When the body falls out of posture, the body mechanically starts to compensate forcing the body to work out of its design pattern causing pain.  The feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and head must line up and work together to relieve the knee from pain.

A body in pain is not balanced.  Pain is the result of years of improper movement due to postural misalignment where the site of the pain is not necessarily the source of the pain.  Realign your posture and joints to eliminate chronic pain.  Posture and pain can be improved quickly with posture therapy exercises that are designed to restore the full, natural function of muscles and joints.  

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Posture therapy exercises correct and strengthen the body’s posture by emphasizing the balance of deeper muscles in the axial skeleton and pelvis.  A specific series of exercises corrects and restores the posture of an individual resolving the imbalance based on three factors: the alignment of the posture from back to front, the alignment of the posture from right to left, and the efficiency and mechanics of the gait.  Changing the position of the body to change the weight distribution and tension of the muscle system allows dynamic tension to re-balance, which then relieves the symptoms.

Foot & Knee Pain Relief: Corrective Exercises Sitting
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