Martial Arts Book Releases | March 2015

Here are Combat Network's top 5 combat books for March!

Fight Strong: How to Increase your Speed Maximize Strength and Improve your Conditioning and Destroy your Competition in your Next Fight

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to make sure you are in the best condition possible for when you step into the ring for your Mixed Martial Arts Fight. 
Karl Gotch, the so-called "God of Japanese Professional Wrestling" had a very famous saying: "Conditioning is the greatest hold." In fact, searching almost any quote database for fitness or conditioning, and one very clear fact becomes clear: the fitter you are, the better your chances of success. 
Much of the hype surrounding martial arts is the idea that a smaller, weaker person can overcome a stronger person through the proper use of martial arts technique. While this may be true in the streets, or in a situation where your opponent does not know what to expect, in a MMA fight, the reality is that your opponent knows and expects the techniques you will want to use. This whittles away the edge technique offers, to the point where strength, speed and conditioning play an important role in who wins the fight. By applying the plans and techniques outlined in this book, you can ensure that come fight time, you're the one with the edge in strength and technique.


If you are serious about MMA training or just about any martial arts or combat sports Then understanding proper diet and nutrition is a crucial aspect competing at a high level. Learning how to fuel your body properly will give you huge advantage in the cage on the mat or in the streets. In this book you will learn nutrition and diet secrets the pro level MMA athletes and high level competitors use to maximize their performance.

Failure to fuel your body correctly can lead to devastating results in competition including pour stamina and sub par performances

Proper nutrition and a well planned diet will maximize your chances of a top level performance in any sport!

Learn the way pro athletes diet in a very short and simple to read book, in less than one hour you will have a good understanding on what it takes to eat clean and diet right!

In 20 years of combat sports professional MMA fighter, Professional Boxer, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player Brandon BK Kesler has learned what it take to maintain a proper diet when training Mixed Martial Arts and combat sports!

Training can be very tough and tiering on your body, a fast recovery between training sessions is crucial to optimizing performance and limiting risk of injury.

Stop putting junk in your body and take the steps to succeed in competition and in life! Learn the steps now! Click the Buy Now button at the top right of the page to start your journey!


Tactical Fitness is a hybrid concept of training that will give you the fitness and conditioning to be able to physically take on combat and survival type situations. 

The majority of the training involves endurance and functional strength with added focus on flexibility, agility, dexterity and balance while also including unpredictable and tough workouts to build strength of mind, confidence and discipline. 


Defend yourself with salad tongs, hairbrushes--and even a dirty diaper!
A sidewalk thief tries to steal your wallet, but you are unarmed. What do you do? With A Guide to Improvised Weaponry, you'll know how to protect yourself--even if all you have are your car keys and a candy bar. Written by Green Beret and combat expert Terry Schappert, this book teaches you how to turn your lipstick, your wristwatch--even the shoes on your feet--into strategic self-defense tools. Traditional weapons can be expensive, dangerous, and in the blur of an attack, easily turned against you, but with his life-saving advice, you can avoid these risks and defend yourself by deploying the hidden tactical uses of 100 ordinary items.
Whether you're out grocery shopping, riding in an elevator, or enjoying a stroll through the park, A Guide to Improvised Weaponry shows you how to control your environment and become your own bodyguard--ready and able to act when you need to.


Mushin: A Right-Brain State of Awareness that is the Artist within the Martial Artist 

The highest level of consciousness in martial arts is mushin, or “no mind,” a state that provided the samurai with no fear of death. To achieve this state is considered the summit of martial arts and Zen practice.
But how do you get there? Traditionally the answer has been to train again and again. With twenty years of experience and a black belt in Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu karate, Dr. Ernst Arnold does not dispute the vital importance of training. Instead he combines traditional thought with modern scientific knowledge to help students understand and reach mushin.
After providing basic principles of Zen thought, Dr. Arnold dissects the teachings of four of the most respected masters of traditional martial arts: Miyamoto Musashi, Gichin Funakoshi, Masutatsu Oyama, and Bruce Lee. From there he moves into the modern scientific world, explaining what the masters intuitively understood and adding practical strategies of his own.
Mushin offers new ways to see and train while upholding traditional approaches. By combining the old with the new, he hopes to point the way to readers to make the leap from martial artisans to true artistry.

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