Amanda Knox Takes Krav Maga Lessons after Serious Death Threats

Amanda Knox may have been acquitted in the murder of Meredith Kercher, but many people still believe that the Knox is guilty. Morning News USA reports that the FBI is investigating a series of death threats received by Knox the twice-convicted/twice-acquitted Seattle woman. However, the same news report claims that most of the threats are coming from British citizens — folks who are angry that she was acquitted.
"We've been given reason to believe they have the ability to carry out their threats," the source in the family said. "We know who it is and their address. The FBI is investigating. The vast majority of internet trolls harassing Amanda are British."
Knox entering her Krav Maga class in Seattle
Over the course of the past few years that she’s been living freely in Seattle, she’s been the focus of publicized death threats before, but never this seriously.Through the years of being followed by paparazzi for The Daily Mail and other sources associated with European media, none of the photos have shown her with security personnel. However, not long after her first acquittal she was pictured entering and leaving a self-defense center, where she has been taking Krav Maga lessons.
"It is known for its efficient use in 'real-life' situations, and extreme counter-attacks using a combination of boxing, wrestling and chokeholds," said Daily Mail. "It is not known whether Knox is learning Krav Maga ('contact combat') as a direct result of the alleged death threats."
Krav Maga may prove useful in hand-to-hand situations for self-defense, but if these death threats are becoming serious enough for the FBI to investigate, Amanda Knox may want to consider hiring bodyguards to keep her safe as extra insurance. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of people who are so angry with the recent verdict that some of them may be willing to act on more than just mere threats.
As usual, the hashtag #AmandaKnox is on fire on Twitter with discussion and debate surrounding the case and the verdict. Emotions are running as high as ever in this case, and social media is illustrating exactly how this case has impacted people across the world.
Put through their paces: The all-female class is trained in the defensive arts by the instructors

Whether Amanda Knox’s acquittal was a travesty of justice or not, threatening to kill someone is a crime. In fact, any person caught doing such a thing can be charged with a series of crimes depending on how the threats are delivered and the severity of the threats. Meanwhile, the public is still waiting on more information from the Italian Supreme Court regarding why they decided to acquit her this final time.
Amanda Knox is not the only acquitted person to be targeted with death threats. Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman both still receive threats on their lives, which is why neither of them are seen in public frequently — or without the accompaniment of either security or a group of people. Both Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman may have been acquitted of the crimes they were accused of committing, but the public overwhelmingly believes that they got away with murder, just like many people believe that Amanda got away with participating in the murder of Meredith Kercher.

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