Dulo Dulo Techniques | The Filipino Kubotan Yawara

In this video I outline the basics of how a Dulo/Yawara or pocket stick can greatly enhance your basic boxing blows. A good foundation in any of the boxing type arts will greatly aid your self defence skill set and by adding in the various attributes of a pocket stick the two combine to greatly enhance your stand up game.

Most of the techniques are shown off the “fence” to reinforce their self defence applications, though some other applications are also touched upon. Over the next couple of videos I shall be returning to the striking aspects of the Dulo as I feel these are of the greatest use in a self defence situation. I shall look at working the same boxing type blows off of krav maga 360 degree type defences, cadana de mano 3 beat entries and of course working within a panantukan frame work. We will then move into more stand up grappling, control and restraint and third party assistance type techniques.

If you already study any of the boxing arts work the Dulo into your practice. With a partner, add to focus mitt drills ( though don't expect your pads to last as long !) work them on a heavy bag or a BOB. One of the most fundamental yet often neglected aspects of working with the pocket stick is impact training. Get used to hitting with it. Work on the bag, get used to the angles. Throw hammer-fist blows against a wooden post. Get used to how  to hold it and retain it during impact and  above all have fun when training with it, you will learn faster and retain more if your training is fun.

About the Author:

James Stewart has trained in the martial arts for many years starting with Japanese Taijitsu and spending the last decade or so training in the Filipino martial arts (Cacoy DP, Inosanto / Lacosta blend, Barong Kalasag Kali)He has also trained in Krav Maga and other reality based systems.

James holds a 2nd dan in Hanimau JKD/Kali, Black Belt in Barong Kalasag Kali and Dan grade in Japanese Taijitsu.

He is a coach at the IBF Atemi Jitsu self defence school in Torquay which blends Aikido, Karate, & Jui Jitsu techniques. James also runs self defense seminars and workshops for community groups.

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