Book Review | 'Better Self Defence Series Omnibus' by Neal Martin

'Better Self Defence Series Omnibus' by Neal Martin is bursting with information on self defence. Containing three of Neal's self defence titles and over 350 pages long.It is a mammoth book.

When it arrived, I thought it was going to take a conscious effort to trawl my way through the many pages.This was not the case. The chapters were straight to the point, direct and contained all the relevant information. Neal also adds in his own experiences to help you to understand and to reinforce his point. 

I thought this book was very well written and presented in such a way, that it keeps you reading and craving more.

The subjects in this book all relate directly to self defence. No stone is left unturned. Explanations are offered on every stage and aspect of confrontation. After reading it nothing should suprise you, fear, adrenalin, pre fight, post fight, it is all covered.

Everything you need to get on the right path to successfully defending yourself is mapped out for you.
If you are looking for real drills applicable to real confrontation this is the book to buy. Simple, straightforward and all explained in detail.

In conclusion very well written, full of information and real life experience. Before reading this book I had never heard of Neal Martin, after reading this book I will be keeping my eyes open for other materials by him. This title will help beginners and seasoned fighters, give it ago you will not be disappointed.

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By Ben Lee

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